We are the safest option for you to serve Alco- Beverage to your customers.

Age-Verification Process

DaruAPP takes the Age Verification process very seriously and in a detailed manner. There have beenmany instances where we have noticed that underage- drinking has been risen and no measures havebeen taken as the remedy. And many of us have just put a blind eye to that in order to gain more profit. Butwe believe in strong ethics of not only providing business but also social remedies that caused on drinkingand abuse of alcohol.

We have created an authoritarian age verification where the user have to give the details regarding theirname, date of birth, mobile number, email address, and Aadhar number along with the uploaded picture ofit ( all are compulsory). And as well as the Retailer and Restaurant Partners also have to follow the protocolof verification in order to serve to our customers.

To know more about the Age- Verification for the customers please click here

Partner with us

Restaurant Partnership:

Serve yourself more responsibly

We as a company want to serve our customers and the partners with the latest technologies which makesus safest, smarter and a responsible system. DauAPP can make a real impact on your business. Especiallywith our easy accessibility and detailed age verification process. It can make your operation more smoothand give you more control over your business. Our featured age verification process ensures that there isno misuse of alcohol and incidents occurrence of underage drinking and encourage you to do the same.We make our policies by the law and for the betterment of the community as a whole. After all it’s aboutenjoying and drinking responsibly.

If your business wants to partner with us or have a question/issue, please email us atmarketing@daruapp.com

Retailer Establishment Partnership

Gain More Customers with Us.

DaruApp makes a real impact on your business. When your store/ retail shop features in the app, it willdiscover new customers and as well as the loyal customers will have the option to enjoy more often. Whatmakes us different from other? We are providing our service with very detailed and authorized ageverification process, which is not only giving us the power but also you to control on whom you are sellingyour products. And our QR Code is just another feature to that service. We want to ensure that there are nomisuses of alcohol and incidents occurrence of any underage drinking. We encourage to do the same. It isnot all about drinking but to drink and enjoy responsibly.

We advise you to click on the link below, to know more on Verification process for licensed establishments.

If your business wants to partner with us or have a question/issue, please email us atmarketing@daruapp.com

What we need from you?

Verification of the Retailer and Restaurant Partners

Retail Partners and Restaurant partners need to verify themselves through our verification process forlicensed establishment.

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Please read the Restaurant and Retailer’s T&C, here

Name of the Retailer and Restaurant Partners

Retailer and Restaurant Partners names are how our users search for and identify places to get their drink.For this to be easy to do, Retailer and Restaurant Partners listings must be as user-friendly as possible.Here are a few guidelines that must be followed for retailer listings on daruAPP:

  • Retailer names on daruAPP need to be written as they been licensed.

  • Retailer and Restaurant Partners taglines and establishment types must not be mentioned in the nameof the Retailer and Restaurant Partners on daruAPP. People usually remember Retailer and RestaurantPartners by name rather than by tagline, and also makes them easier to search for. E.g. 'Dewar –Legacy ofLife’ is incorrect, since ‘Legacy of Life’ is a tagline that shouldn’t be mentioned in the name. However, if aRetailer and Restaurant Partners name has been legally registered with the tagline, we will accept it.

  • We don’t add Retailer and Restaurant Partners abbreviations in the Retailer and Restaurant Partnersname on daruAPP. For instance, if your Retailer and Restaurant Partners’ name is ‘Tiger Retailer andRestaurant Partners’, we can’t add it as ‘TB’. This may affect the search results when a user searches forthe Retailer and Restaurant Partners organically.

Retailer and Restaurant Partners Address

The address of a Retailer and Restaurant Partners is what guides us as well as the customers of theRetailer and Restaurant Partners. For this to be easy to do, Retailer and Restaurant Partners listings mustbe as user-friendly as possible.

Guidelines that must be followed for Retailer and Restaurant Partners listings on DaruAPP:

  • The address needs to be in a standardized format for consistency and ease of understanding for users.The order we follow to display the available information is:

    [Shop/ Plot Number], [Opposite/Beside Landmark], [Road Number/Name], [Neighborhood], [City]

  • We try not to add more than one landmark, and don’t use abbreviations such as St. (for Street), No. (ForNumber), or Opp. (For Opposite) to maintain quality and consistency.

  • We don’t add other Retailer and Restaurant Partners names as landmarks since it affects results whensearching for either Retailer or Restaurants.

  • We add the floor number along with the name of the building if the Retailer and Restaurant Partners issituated on a level above the ground floor, as users may have difficulty locating it.

Retailer and Restaurant Partners Features

These are the facilities that a customer is looking for when they’re making a decision about where they aregetting their drinks from and as well where they can store pick it up, and are called attribute tags ondaruAPP.

  • The location of the Retailer and Restaurant Partners for an easy accessibility and minimizing of deliverytime.

  • If there is any sale that is going on.

  • If there is a change in the prices of the products.

Business Hours

Business hours represent the operational hours of a Retailer and Restaurant Partners, so customers canplan their orders and visits.

Users can filter Retailer and Restaurant Partners based on a Retailer and Restaurant Partners’ openinghours by using the “Open at” filter on DaruAPP. This ensures that they find a place to get the orderdepending on when it’s convenient for them. Some of the guidelines we have around timings are:

  • We use a 12-hour clock when we add timings to a listing. For instance, if you’re Retailer and RestaurantPartners is open from 9 am to 6 pm, we will also add it as 09:00 to 6:00 to the listing for it to displaycorrectly.

  • We always add the timing for the business hours only. DaruAPP business timing can be different fromthe Retailer and Restaurant Partners business hours. For us, it is 10:30 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.

  • Our timing grids accept only numerals, so this mandates specific times to be entered. As a result, wecan’t add text such as ‘Late’ or ‘Early Hours’ right now. However, we are working on a provision to displaynon-specific times for Retailer and Restaurant Partners that don’t have a set opening or closing time.


The photo stream of a Retailer and Restaurant Partners gives customers an idea about what to expect atthe Retailer and Restaurant Partners in terms of availability of products, locations.

  • We only put up relevant photos that showcase the Retailer and Restaurant Partners’ ambiance orproducts. This is because users looking through the images would want to know the factors that couldaffect their experience from the Retailer and Restaurant Partners – primarily the ambiance and the liquorproducts. Façade/exterior shots are added to help customers identify the Retailer and Restaurant Partnersvisually.

    • We follow an order in which photos appear on the photo stream, which is maintained for all Retailerand Restaurant Partners: [Façade/exterior shots] --- [Ambiance/interior shots] --- [Liquor productsshots]. We order this in the way the customer will experience it firsthand.

      • Facade shots are photos taken from the exterior of the Retailer and Restaurant Partners,typically including the sign and the entrance

      • Ambiance shots are photos of the interiors of the Retailer and Restaurant Partners that givethe users information about the lighting or seating arrangement at the Retailer andRestaurant Partners

      • Liquor products shots are images of liquor products available at the specific Retailer andRestaurant Partners

  • We do not put up images with people in them.

  • We do not put up ambiance/liquor products shots that would be copyright infringement.

  • Even if stock photos have been legally purchased by the Retailer and Restaurant Partners, they are notuploaded as they do not depict the true nature of the liquor products and service provided by the Retailerand Restaurant Partners. This is misleading for customers.

  • We currently only support.JPEG and.PNG file formats for photo uploads.

  • A single frame can only contain a single photo. We try not to upload photo collages as they don’t alwaysshow a clear picture of what’s at the Retailer and Restaurant Partners.

  • We do not use images where logos and social media handles take up a significant portion of the image.We’re a neutral platform, and we don’t want to look like we’re promoting any Retailer and RestaurantPartners.

New Listing Creation – Guidelines

We will create a new listing for your Retailer and Restaurant Partners if there have been any majorchanges that will affect a user’s experience. A couple of examples are below:

  • A complete change in product type. For instance, if you were serving Asian liquor products and havechanged your to European or any other,

  • Any changes in the type of establishment, such as a bar revamped into a café,

  • If you change locations, and the new outlet is not in the same area or neighborhood as the originaloutlet.

If one of the above is met, we will then create a new listing if:

  • There’s been a change in the name of the establishment and not just an addition to the originalname, e.g.: if Drift Bar is renamed Drift Bar & Shop, a new listing is not warranted as there is nomajor change in the concept of the Retailer and Restaurant Partners such as the products, location,or establishment type.

  • The establishment has come under the ownership of new management and there’s been a changein concept. If there’s no change in concept, we don’t create a new listing as the new management istaking over everything in the establishment, including its existing image.

  • Changes in ambiance will be taken up individually, and creating a new listing will be at ourdiscretion.

  • A combination of any two criteria above will require a new listing.

  • We don’t create new listings when prices change when new products or facilities areadded/removed, or if the Retailer and Restaurant Partners was temporarily shut.

If your business wants to partner with us or have a question/issue, please email us at